Loren Pinski, Sales Representative for Tulsa Plywood SA.
Chilean Plywood Mill

My Name is Loren Pinski and I am a U.S. sales representative for a Chilean plywood mill, Tulsa Plywood SA. Tulsa is located near Concepcion, Chile and produces Radiata Pine plywood.

I am not a broker, I do not own the wood, and I do not put a margin on my quotes. I am paid by the mill and quote the same prices the mill quotes - I am simply an independent sales representative.

I have been the forest products industry since the 70's. I started working at the U.S. Plywood mill in Bonner, Mt as a production worker. I earned an MBA and moved to the Portland, OR area where I ended up as the production superintendent at Multnomah Plywood. From there I worked as a plywood/OSB buyer for Georgia Pacific in Portland and after a few years I transferred to Billings, MT as the Lumber Manager at G-P's distribution center. I worked for Louisiana-Pacific in Hayden Lake, ID and G-P again at their regional distribution sales center in Denver. I have sold plywood for Boise Cascade's mills, and worked in BCC's International sales department. After being laid off from Boise, I worked for The World Wildlife Fund shipping plywood and lumber to post-tsunami Indonesia and now I sell plywood for Rio Itata and Tulsa.


Tulsa S.A. was formed in 1993 as a joint-venture between Chilean and American investors. The mill produces 100% Radiata Pine plywood for the American, European, and Asian Markets. To insure PS-195 standards, they are TECO Certified (number 233). Tulsa can also produce FSC Certified plywood.


HDO, MDO Concrete Form, and MDO General Use.

Thicknesses are: 9mm (limited quantity), 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, and 24.5mm (11/32, 15/32, 19/32, 23/32, 31/32)

All panels are 2440mm X 1220mm which equates to 4ft X 8ft.


TULSA sells full containers based on CFR the destination port. The customer is responsible for Marine Insurance, all importation costs, any destination port charges, unloading the container, and transporting the product from the port. Since Tulsa does not import any plywood into The U.S. the customer is also required to make sure that all documents are filed correctly with The U.S. Government. Thus you will probably need to hire a Freight Forwarder/Customs Broker. Basically once the container is transported off the ship to the destination port, the purchaser takes possession and is responsible for all charges and paperwork.


Once the mill receives the packing list and Bill of Lading from the shipping company they will email copies of the documents and an invoice to the customer. The emailed invoice must be paid immediately by wire transfer. The mill will not mail the original documents until the invoice is paid and the customer cannot import the container without the original documents. If the invoice is paid late, the customer is responsible for any demurrage charges that accrue.


TULSA S.A. uses 100% plantation grown Radiata Pine which is harvested in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Nation of Chile. The Genus and Species is Pinus Radiata.

Here are some technical documents on Tulsa's plywood. These are PDF files so you have to have Adobe Reader to upload the file.
This document is basic Radiata Pine Plywood information
This is their MSDS Sheet
Technical data for MDO plywood

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